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West Virginia Drug Intervention Institute Resource Page


Standards, Ethics & Certification

The NARR Standards promote the delivery of quality recovery support services in community-based, residential recovery settings. WVARR will certify providers based on these nationally recognized guidelines to ensure availability of recovery oriented housing for all people seeking a life of recovery.


Recovery Housing Guide

WVARR recognizes four levels of recovery housing. The WVARR Recovery Housing Guide is intended to help potential residents make the best and most informed decision in choosing a residence that offers the services most conducive to their chosen path of recovery.


Residence Directory

Each WVARR-certified residence will have completed a thorough application process, including peer review of policies and procedures and an on-site home inspection. WVARR will publish a directory of certified residences to help you learn more about the options available or to find specific information, like whom to contact, how to pay, and what kind of services the home provides. 

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